Front of Worlds Smallest Jigsaw Puzzle- Corvette Dreams.- Measures 4 x 6 inches when assembled. includes tweezers.
Front of Corvette Dreams box with text. Corvette Dreams. 234 die-cut pieces. Includes tweezers to handle pieces.
Picture of completed puzzle. Picture has multiple corvettes on a hiking trail with redwood trees.
Picture of someone picking up a puzzle piece with tweezers. Puzzle piece is smaller than fingertip.

TDC Games World's Smallest Die Cut Puzzle - Corvette Dreams - Measures 4 x 6 inches when assembled - Includes Tweezers

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This is a mini puzzle with tiny pieces. While it is small, it can take an afternoon to assemble. This puzzle is great for those that enjoy puzzling, but don't want to sacrifice a whole table top for assembling a puzzle. This one doesn't take up much space, but will still provide you with hours of entertainment. It comes with a set of plastic tweezers that you will need to assemble the puzzle. Corvette Dreams depicts a grassy lot of old school Corvette cars. This die-cut puzzle is perfect for a car lover. Each piece is small enough to fit on the tip of your finger, making this the ultimate challenge to test your patience. Makes a great stocking stuffer.
  • Tiny jigsaw puzzle pieces measure roughly 1/2 inch
  • 234 tiny pieces included
  • Completed puzzles measures only 4 x 6 inches
  • Plastic tweezers are included to complete the puzzle