3 Dice Games  in travel sized boxes - Sriracha dice, Freaky Farkle, and Ship Captain Crew
3 dice games next to beach bag at swimming pool
Freaky Farkle leaning against outdoor plant with 5 blue dice on table
Ship Captain Crew product box with 5 sparkly purple blue dice on glass table outdoor
Sriracha Dice box with 5 red dice with green dots on glass table outdoor

Dice Game Pack Trio - Freaky Farkle, Sriracha Dice, Ship Captain Crew

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Three fast-moving dice games come together in this game pack. Sriracha Dice is flaming fun for everyone! With Freaky Farkle, will you go big, or will you go bust? Roll & risk and freakin’ find out! Ship Captain Crew will have you rolling those dice and racking up points, mateys – each game is shorter than a pegleg pirate in a puddle! Yo ho ho! Play over and over and aaaargh! Maybe you’ll win! This game pack trio is a great travel companion for families or a fun addition to game night.
  • Game pack includes three different dice games
  • Travel dice games for the whole family
  • Box measures 5.5 x 3.5 x .75 inches
  • Instructions and score sheet for games included