Front of World's most difficult jigsaw puzzle Penguins box. 500 pieces.
Picture of puzzle. Baby penguin in the center being surrounding by multiple adult penguins.

TDC Games World's Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle - Penguins - 500 pieces - Double Sided with one side turned 90 degrees - 15 inches when assembled

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Looking for a puzzle that will give you a challenge? This puzzle is double sided with the same artwork on both sides, but tilted 90 degrees on one side. All of the pieces are the same shape, making it a little more difficult to put together because you can't hunt for the piece by shape. Looking for a way to spend quality, unplugged time together? This puzzle is just what you need to keep everyone entertained for hours. Watch as your loved ones become obsessed with figuring out this extreme puzzle. The benefits of puzzles are enormous. Children who partake in puzzles boost their critical thinking, problem solving, spatial awareness, and socialization skills making it a great addition to any classroom or household.
  • Penguin themed jigsaw puzzle
  • 500 pieces
  • Double sided with one side turned 90 degrees
  • Puzzle measures 15 x 15 inches when assembled