Roll up jigsaw puzzle with felt mat and folding cardboard tube for storage. Picture of mat being unrolled.
Mat unrolled and laid out. 36 by 30 inches. Collapsible cardboard roll up tube. Black felt mat. Puzzle saver.
Young girl working on a puzzle on top of the black felt mat.
Front of placement box for mat. Has picture of mat being unrolled. Full size roll up puzzle mat.

TDC Games Roll Up Jigsaw Puzzle Felt Mat & Folding Cardboard Tube

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Includes a felt mat, constructible cardboard tube, & heavy-duty rubber bands. Iron the mat on the poly setting with steam to relax the folds upon receipt. Just lay the felt pad on a flat surface and start to assemble your puzzle on it. To save an unfinished game, unfold the square cardboard into a full-sized rolling tube. Please the cardboard tube at one end and roll while applying even pressure. Unroll the mat when you're ready to do complete the puzzle. Want to take your puzzle out to be framed? This mat permits you to travel with the puzzle.
  • Felt puzzling mat
  • Measures 36 x 30 inches
  • Includes cardboard square that unfolds into a tube
  • Works best with 500 piece puzzle