Front of Greed dice game. Picture of money and dice that spell out greed on front of box. The addictive dice game of strategy vs. greed. 2 plus players.
Greed dice game with parts laid out. Includes instructions and a pencil. Colorful Greed dice. 5 dice.
5 friends smiling while playing the Greed dice game on floor.

TDC Games Greed Dice Game

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Greed is one of the most addictive dice games ever created. Challenged to keep throwing the dice for a better score, players must learn to stop before raw greed overtakes them. Throw the greed dice to pile up points, but beware! The first time you don't add to your score, all is lost! Bring it to your next game night and enjoy with family and friends for hours of fun! Give something different this time around. Greed is the perfect gift for any upcoming birthday or housewarming and makes a great stocking stuffer. Games like Greed are chalk full of benefits. Not only do they boost socialization skills but they are proven to reduce stress and enhance strategy making ability. Party games are a great way to spend unhurried, quality time with the people you love. Doesn't it feel great to play games?
  • Strategy vs. greed that will test and entertain
  • Great Travel Size
  • Dice included
  • Instructions included