Front of Siracha dice game. Flaming fun for everyone. picture of 5 red dice with flames. Ages 8 up. 2 or more players.
Front of Siracha dice game. Travel size dice game. Includes 5 flaming red dice. 3 hot rounds to rack up points.
Siracha dice game placed next to a plant with 5 flaming dice next to it.
5 flaming red dice aligned with each other.
Score sheet and 5 flaming red dice paced next to each other.

TDC Games Sriracha Dice Game - Spicy Fun for The Whole Family

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Flaming Fun for Everyone! Spice up game night with this quick-playing party game for the whole family. Three hot rounds make up a game. HOT ONES has you rolling as many ones as you can in 30 seconds. PAIR-A-DICE gives you one hot minute to roll two pair of the highest value you can. FLAMIN' FAST FIVES has you roll five of a kind in the fastest time. If you total the most after all three rounds, holy smokes! You win! After playing all 3 rounds, total your scores: if you have the most points, you're HOT, baby! You win! . You'll also need: Score pad, pen and a Smartphone timer. 3 ROUNDS OF HOT FUN: Round 1: Hot Peppers. Round 2: 2 Pair-a-dice. Round 3: Flamin' Fast Fives. Great addition for game night, birthday parties, and family gatherings. Use for grab bag gift or Christmas stocking stuffer.
  • Travel dice game for the whole family
  • 5 sparkling red dice, features green chili pepper
  • Box measures 5.5 x 3.5 x .75 inches
  • Instructions and score sheet for 8 games included