Bull Tish the all play card game that's absolutely full of it! Front of box has Bull dressed up smiling. Some game pats laid out.
Bull Tish game with game pieces placed on a table. Cards from game say Bull Tish and show the dressed up smiling bull.
Two kids smiling and laughing while playing Bull Tish in a dining area.
Three cards from the game placed on top of each other on table.
Bull Tish cards stacked and laid out. some cards flipped over.
Front of Bull Tish box. The all play card game that's absolutely full of it! Ages 12 up. Players 2 to 10.
Back of Bull Tish box. Can you pick the Bull Tish? Bull Tish is the all new all play guessing game in reverse. We give you the answer first and you're given 6 facts or clues. one is Bull Tish... but which one? 200 Bull Tish cards. 30 Bull cards.

TDC Games Bull Tish The All-Play Card Game That's Absolutely Full of IT!

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Bull Tish is the all-play trivia guessing game in reverse! Perfect for game nights and family gatherings! Each card contains a topic and six facts or clues about the topic. Five facts are true, one is complete BULL TISH! It is up to the players to decide which one that is! The goal is to be the first player to successfully call out the BULL TISH fact or clue and eliminate one of their Bull cards. The clues (6 per subject) are random and can be a little bizarre so that it is difficult to detect the one that is untrue. Question categories include famous real or fictional people and characters, TV/movies, pop culture, places, brands, and virtually anything. This set includes 200 BULL TISH question cards, 30 Bull cards, and instructions, all in a sturdy compact cardboard box.
  • Trivia game for the whole family!
  • 5 facts are true, one is Bull Tish!
  • Box measures 7.9 x 5.9 x 2.4 inches
  • Makes a great gift and travel game

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jimmy Jones
Love this Game

OMG, this is my kind of game. I am terrible at trivia, although I can compete with the best of them when playing Bull Tish!